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Our combined efforts are driven to motivate and educate people all around the world.

Experience You Can Trust

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This is a team of creators, Eric M. Cooper, Jabaar L. Brown, Phoe-nix nebula, wayne sutphin, MILES SIMON, Jonathan Piccini, Marcelo Mueller


We are creators with purpose and not just entertainment value only. Our stories are unique and will have an impact on the readers from all walks of life. 

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We serve a wide range of readers, and every reader and fan is valued greatly. Each engagement at comic conventions and at public forums our followers benefits from the depth and breadth of our expertise.


AUG. 10, 2019 Saturday TPHILADELPHIA, PA.

Our next events are as follows

East Coast Black Age of Comics // May 18 Saturday


​Epic Comic Con // June 21-23 Fri. Sat. Sun

Afrofuturism Lounge 2.0 // July 19-20 Fri. Sat.

BLACK LABEL COMICON // Aug.10 Saturday

Flame Con // Aug. 17-18 Sat. Sun (Eric Cooper -Solo-)

Baltimore Comic Con // October 18-20 Fri. Sat. Sun

Underground Comic Con // November 1 Friday

Ocean City Comic Con // December 14 Sat.